Shipping & Returns

Sozialistischer Plattenbau Mailorder: we stock vinyls, cds, tapes with acid, breakcore, cutup, downtempo, drones, dub, dubstep / grime, electro bass / bassline, electronica / eletronics, experimental, footwork / juke / trap, gabbahouse/speedcore, glitch, grind-core, hardcore, hiphop, house music, idm, jazz, jungle d&b / happy hardcore, krautrock / kosmische musik, mashups, oral & spoken words, pop ?, ragga, raggacore, rock / punk / avantgard, roots, skwee, tekno, noise by various artists.

FREE SHIPPING for any order more then 100€ ( Germany & Worldwide ) with registered shipping.

Shipping days are MONDAY and FRIDAY. i gather orders and dispatch on these days. if you are in urgent please send me a request and i see what i can do.

the price on shipping depends on three factors:

1. the weight of the media
2. the size of the media
3. where it should be send

to calculate this here i use fright units.
the shipping price will be calculated on this math.
the standart unit is 1 x 12inch with 1 unit, 7inches are 0.18 units and cds are 0.2 units for instance.