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this is the home of the sozialistischer plattenbau. this label was set up way back in 1999 by istari lasterfahrer & repogrrl. istari thought it would probably good to set up a own label, because it makes lot of sense.
the label therefor stands for a platform for his own productions and people in contact with. its not a bussiness plan to get the rent done. its more a basis for independent production of stuff, trying to manifesting works of people.

if you want some records produced by the sozialistischer plattenbau you can simply order them at the mailorder section. or you can check out the distributor list to find
some that may be near to you.


its late summer in 2012 (exactly its the 16.9.2012) here some news on releases for october:

Classless Kulla & Istari Lasterfahrer
Auf- & Zustände - LP
to be released on 13th october 2012. the third release by this collaboration duo from berlin/hamburg. classless kulla on the microphone and istari lasterfahrer doing the electronical data workout for the music. this time instead of full weight cds they deliver 10 fine tracks on vinyl longplayer and download.for more information: go here
if you want to preorder this vinyl go here in the mailorder or if you prefere digital download get over here to save you a copy.
SPB12023 Classless Kulla & Istari Lasterfahrer - Auf- & Zustšnde LP by sozialistischerplattenbau

Selektor Depender & Filltercutter
Dub Caruselles - 12inch
to be released on 19th october 2012. dub caroussels comes in cooperation with amsterdams bassculture foundaition and sozialistischer plattenbau. drops a heavy dub release that sitts between roots dub and dubstep. two tracks with additional dub versions are on this 45 vinyl and been added up with some derivats of the fx sounds from the tracks. for more information: go here
SPB12022 Selektor Depender & Filltercutter - Dub Carusseles by sozialistischerplattenbau


Ritalin War Dance / Neurosis Orchestra
split ep - 12inch
we call it witchhall what these slow motion robotic bands from berlin are doing for details go here


Spb12020 Ritalin War Dance / Neurosis Orchestra by sozialistischerplattenbau

istari lasterfahrer:
some places - 12inch
here it goes for another 4 tracker by istari lasterfahrer for 2012. happy hardcore, jungle, breakcore and some modular synth opus for you. wanna know more? go here


Spb12021 - Istari Lasterfahrer - Some Places by sozialistischerplattenbau




istari lasterfahrer:
monsterous manovers in a mushroom maze- 7inch
coming in october a real smasher for the cavern dubbers.
to get some preview and listen go here







karl marx stadt:
III 1999 - 2009 - 2x12inch
after two releases on berlins lux nigra c. gierden aka karl marx stadt is delivering a full album with 19 tracks, mostly generated with impulse tracker in 9 home studios. update: the release will be delayed, new release date will be early/mid september!
to get some preview and listen go here





lyzerk / lyzwerk- 7inch
like acid? like dubstep? like springreverb munched analog cicuits? than this one is for you. crunking up on hot 7inch.
to get some preview and listen go here






mr. boogie, dipswitch, neurosis orchestra & istari lasterfahrer :
we bomb fi dub #5 - 12inch
four more tracks on the we bomb fi dub series. mr boggie delivers "dirty dub" one of his first dubstep tunes, could be like 4 years old or more? but still kicking. dipswitch from cologne drops "plastic smile" a rootsy track with wicked bass melodies and amen breakdown. flipside berlins neurosis orchestra with "the great british swindle" comes with tricky metal type breaks on drowning halfstep crunchyness and rave stabs. istari lasterfahrers track "inner imigration" goes even more doomish on the fade out floor.
to get some preview and listen go here

classless kulla & istari lastertfahrer :
wir hatten doch noch was vor - cd-r
a bunch of like 26 new songs in a 28 page booklet..
to get some preview and listen and buy it here


istari lastertfahrer :
the system works because you work - 2x12inch
celebrating 10th year of sozialistischer plattenbau. a complete hits double vinyl package. uplifting wannabe happyhardcore, spanking raggacore, glitched breaks and mashed up tings.
to get some preview and listen go here and buy it here






dub1 :
surface noise - 12inch
mental dub and noise yardcore by this united states of america dude. mini lp with 8 tracks. goes down deep into dusty and melancholic dub.
to get some preview and listen go here and buy it here






fff : dubcore volume 7 - 7inch
the rotterdam rudebwoy back with a overdriven raggacore smasher and on the flipside dropping some oldschoolish happyhardcore tune. yellow vinyl.
to get some preview and listen go here and buy it here






arrebite feat diamondog / lxc :
dubcore volume 8 - 7inch
brazilians arrebite with berlin residential mc diamondog dropping some heavy voiced drum and bass jungle tune. on the flipside is a remix by alphacuts lxc for version pleasure.
to get some preview and listen go here and buy it here






V.A. : we bomb fi dub #4 - 12inch
the 4th part of the exploration into dub series come up with phokus and the next in collaboration, wadadda, istari lasterfahrer and proudly the first time on spb: mr. boogie from potsdam, known also as mr. bassline.
to get some preview and listen go here and will be out on 20th october!






handbag/abba : first blood - 7inch
the man is back with, lets say, two again astunishing mashuped danceloor stompers. a perfect package for all of those who seek for realness in their life!
to get some preview and listen go here and buy it here