SPB12021 Istari Lasterfahrer : Some Places


Some Places
You Are Talking To The Hand

Take This Crucial Times
I Enjoyed Myself Today To See If I Still Feel

The 1000 Schattering Trashbins of God and Prethinker and Inspirator of Breakcore is back for 2012 with this high-magnetic super Shooter. Some Places EP is a big tribute to all the places and people istari lasterfahrer went to the last decade of years. Some thoughts in accustic way about what means to have a free space, what defends this space from the outside and whats within and what happens there.

Well, you know ask: “Come on! Breakcore Sounds so 2003″ and here we say “yes!”. this records brings you on the a side premium blended mashedup jungle with happy hardcore which should throw you back to nienties. Flipside you should get you subwoofer trashed with the first short smacker while the second is a 7 minute long journey into analog modular driven dubhall low pass gate beats meet with bucket bridge divice feedback warps.

150 copies been pressed, and 100 repressed.