projet dossier de presseCelsius is a pioneer of 8bit tracker Jungle and Hardcore. His seminal early Jungle works date back to 1995 and were released on Aminet, a mix of uncompromising hardstep Amen breaks with heavy bass drops and ragga vocals. After founding his own label Virtual Pulse Records, he signed to Epileptik records and various other labels releasing a string of vinyls and studio albums under various epithets, featuring notable collaborations with DJ Hidden and the Outside Agency and Dr.Macabre amongst others.

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LFO Demon


Lfo Demon mashed up bang face

LFO DEMON is an international organization to produce Chaos on the dancefloor. Slamming breakbeats meet Rave synthlines with a fine Gabber topping.
There been releases all over the place on labels such as mindbender, restroom records, junk and his own imprint sprengstoff records.



is a dub, dubstep and dreadbass producer from inna müllgrime, cologne in germany. He produced UK style Dub Reggae in his own studio, the Tabanackle Dub Chamber, which he runs together with Oli Dread from Dubfront Outernational, even before he got into Dubstep. Together with friends he also operates the Jah vibes soundsystem and the Dubclub Cologne. He works in close cooperation with two vj-teams, the echolab visualties, from Cologne and noMeb from London who can be booked with Wadadda to provide an allround dubwise experience. He released records also  on Police In Helicopter and MG77.


Istari Lasterfahrer

Curator of sozialistischer plattenbau, Istari Lasterfahrer ( F.K. Raeithel ) is founding member, boss and bestboy in one person.

He’s been working on decontextualization of sound material, the rupture of harmony relations and artistic condensations.

born in munich, raised in formely west berlin and finalised in hamburg in the late 80ies istari lasterfahrer started his high grade digital music career with low end 80ies computer hardware. been using harddisk recordings in early 90ies where everybody was using still midi equipment he got pissed by that because of lack of storage space and switched to soundtracker files. he throwed some loosy but nice jungle partys in hamburg around the years 94/95 and started at that time dropping his tunes into bbs systems and the early internet, got big respect world wide in the early internet community and joined one of the first high profiled web labels commie. his first live performance was a hell of a rush of early harsh jungle riddims released on a party together with steve buck and vincenzo at hamburgs number one venue rote flora which still definies whats up front and true to the scene. istari lasterfahrer released uncountable tunes and releases on high profiled underground labels such as complication27, stoopid plastics, cavage, dhyana records, pck, sprengstoff, mental ind., watch and pray, mash records, cobretti, bruchstellen, marasm, art-core records and his own imprint sozialistischer plattenbau. istaris energetic live performances and whack dj sets have captivated audiences and artists worldwide with their innovative sound, a mixture of everything mixed with his up to date soundbwoy dub technics and the useally kaoss pad gimmicks everybody does these days. his self produced videos and movies has been shown world wide on different festivals such as dark matter in canada and the flensburger kurzfilmtage in schleswig holstein and are sometimes a mindblowing part of his live performance which fills the gap between visuall aestetics and shitty sounding soundsystems. he also killed two times bass speakers with his enormous high kinetic square subwave breaks on raves. istari also played at highly acclaimed festivals he cannot remember anymore because of the ultra intense aftershow partys after it. istari lasterfahrer reminds us all that digital music can make you fall apart of the mystery of your own soul…

yppasswdd daemons

yppasswdd daemons are:

mc pismo : vocals
casio vl-tone : lead synth / rythmbox
polysix : voltage controlled oscillator
farfisa : vco and strings
mfb-512 : rythmbox

human slaves: repogrrl, istari

mc cs5300 left the bad in cause of unexpected errors

in the early 1999 some machines, under the leadership of casio vl-tone, gathered in a smoky internet cabine. that was the time a manual comes the way by from a far finnish http server. casio vl-tone circuts run wild and he decided to join this dogma. His two friends polysix and the lovely farfisa was amazed too.
Next day in the early morning they started to jam up some tunes. but still something was missing. "a real band needs some steady drummer and a singer" said farfisa and that was the beginning of a greater quest. after several messages on alt.drummer.computer and misc.digital.singers the hope to find some qualified drummer and singer was nearly zero.
but it was polysix who went another day to a studio, were he hopes to earn some money as a studio-musican, and meet mfb-512, an old and nearly forgotten drumcomputer box, laying in the back of the studio, slowly disapearing under dust and the newer high tech equipment. Next day, mfb-512, comes up to the proving ground of the group around casio vl-tone, and they jammed the whole day and their poweradapters running hot. After some sessions mfb-512 brings up an old buddy of him, mc se30, who should be the first singer of the group.

that was the time istari and repogirl meet the yppasswdd daemons on an electronic and computer recycling factory, where mc se30 was getting his weekly ram. Two days later they started recording the first 7inch ep with six tracks. Sorrowly 2 weeks later mc se30 suffered under heavily inner circuit problems and left the band.

after the great impact on the worlds music scene, the yppasswdd daemons, went back to studio to record a couple of new tunes, to set the humans on fire and rock the house. they found a new singer, mc pb1200cs, and another musican, poly800 the little brother of polysix.



 (aka Stefan Miletic) is producer/beatmaker currently based in Belgrade (Serbia). His music vary from 8bit/dubstep driven dancefloor bangers to easy an melancholic abstract beats, with no sticking to a certain bpm.
After his debut release on Svetlana Industries record label, doing remixes for artist like Demokracy, Miqi o, Hsik, and tunes for compilations (Mad-Hop, Wtf is Swag).
Working on his first solo EP.


Selektor Depender

Selektor Depender
, Founder, programmer & producer from Bassculture Foundation Amsterdam. He is born and raised in an analog roots & culture style. His selection are positive with conscious vibrations and heavy basslines.
His selektor style various for it all depends on the feel of the ‘vibes’..you can expect a refreshing heavy and miscellaneous soundz from roots, reggae, digital steppa & other dub(core) niceness.



is a electronic musician from ulm, germany. He has releases on labels like Benbecula, Skam, Spezialmaterial, Phantomnoise, Kitty-Yo and Binary Dilemma (a 2007 release that featured remixes by Planet Mu’s Nautilis and Funckarma). He also got serveral sideproject like hp.stonji together with Hans Platzgumer.



is a side project of Stefan Thränert better known as Inapt dealing with hard experimental electronic music. This project was founded in spring of 2001. He released a couple of track and records under this name on his label Restroom Records.



is Rafael Ferreira & Raul Costa Duarte ( also Retrigger ) from Brasil. They released music on Phantom Noise, Acidsamovar Records and Alphacut.
“Rock and roll fueled breaking machines. Headbanger riddims against 303s on fire. Dirty grooves kicking your head through loudspeakers. We are arrebite and we are gonna kick your fucking ass, mofo!”


Tricky D

Tricky D
has been a breakbeat ambassador since the early 90′s and is one of Berlin’s first underground Jungle DJs and Activists.
Tricky got involved in Berlin’s cult underground club “In Eimer” and met up with Mez. They became members of the first German live Jungle band Elektronauten, when creativity was faster than bureaucracy.
The following years were filled with touring, djing, studio work and releasing music under different names.
In 2001 he opened the Tricky Tunes Record Store @ Mainzer Str 8, 10247 Berlin specialising in Jungle, D ‘n B, Reggae and cutting-edge Breakbeats.
In 2002, he spent some time in Jamaica, where he and Mez did recording sessions with local vocalists, and decided to start their own record label: Tricky Tunes. Their releases have featured many international vocal talents such as Daddy Freddy, Labrador , Lyrical Banton, Por Razones De Estado, Bongo Chilly, Soultrain, Brother Culture,…



Philadelphia’s brazen Dev79 has been bangin’ out the underground sounds for years. With an almost reckless abandon he attacks a barrage of genres (from UKG to Grime to Tropical to Dubstep to Rap and whatever the fuck else) to create his spin on the Street Bass style. Dev79 and Starkey are the masterminds behind the Seclusiasis empire and Street Bass Anthems series, as well as the Slit Jockey Records imprint with partner El Carnicero.
He released music on Sonicterror Recordings, Zenapolae, Slit Jockey Records and Seclusiasis.



( Armin Elsaesser ) is best known for helming the consistently great Deathsucker label, which boasts the scene’s best and most eclectic roster. Head honcho of DSWAT distro, one of the most active online mailorder stores, and a driving force behind the Toxic Dancehall parties in Bristol, UK.
Parasite also makes computer game music having worked on the highly-addictive tower defense game Savage Moon on Playstation3.
Beside his own releases on Death$ucker Records he also released music on Peace Off, Clash Records, Cold-Coffein-Addict Records and more.


Mr. Boogie

Mr.Boogie: started his career in 2003 as a Drum & Bass DJ influenced by artists like the Fullcycle Crew, True Playaz, Twisted Individual and various other Jump Up heads. As part of the former Bassrausch Crew, a collective of DJ’s from Thuringia, he was having performances at diverse parties nationwide.
In 2005, shortly after he moved to Potsdam in the outskirts of Berlin, Boogie came in contact with Grime music. Inspired by the new and fresh sounds, he got motivated to tinker his own suchlike beats and soon focused exclusively on producing Dubstep tunes with his unique monster bass sounds.
Since 2008 he released tracks on various dubstep labels like Scrub A Dub, Police In Helicopter, Sin City Recordings and Bassclash Records.


Bambam Babylon Bajasch

Punky ragga junglist crew from cologne, germany. Main founding members where:
Bambam Belay: produces with computer and turntables. plays with samples on stage. already known from the “Eigelstein Royal”.
Desmond Denker : produces with computer and synths. backing his machines on stage. already wanted for “Oliver Twist Band”.
Doc D2N8: sings in anglo-colognian. likes freestyling. plays breakcore music very loud and brews beer. built up by the “Radioactive Toys”.
Luciano Sarotti: sings deep in english. also likes freestyling. flashy by his size. inspired by “I&I sound”.

they also had lots of guest appearences and changing members too.




is Tommy de Roos. Breakcore junglist, dj, electroni music producer and graphic and illustration artist from rotterdam, nNetherlands. He released various records also on labels such Murder Channel Records, Necromaniacs Industry, Hong Kong Violence, Sprengstoff Recordings, Mindbender Records, Clash Records, K-Hole Productions, Sonic Belligeranza, Artcore Recordings, Planet Mu, Zero71 Recordings, and Koolpop.

He also runned orange socks cassette label and latly founded encounter records.


Bruno & Michel are smiling / Skipperrr

The duo Bruno & Michel are smiling & Skipperr been from Hamburg. They did a lot performances with their high tensioned mixture of fast cut-up music, angry screams and a lot of swing all over europe. They are feared for their well choosen costumes and released, beside on sozialistischer plattenbau, music on labels such as disco bruit, renda records, adaadat and uhh records.



Itty Minchesta

The AtomicTitCorporation was founded in 1999 and formerly called ‘Atombusentransporte’. It is an artistic interdisciplinary research project and exists due to interest. We, the constant members Itty Minchesta and Dr. Legasto,have so far focused on a variety of themes including eg.
-how to create space for a very short time
- how to research
- poetological ethnology
- zombiism and self-management
- labour and failure
- sickness/disease and its relation to popculture
- the phenomenon of romanticising containerization / how to fall out of frames – the (abusive) use of headphones in so-called public spheres
- the (im)possibility of subversion
- the sexual history of the atomic bomb
All research projects have been performed live or have been exhibited. We have always tried to choose the appropriate media for each research project which in the process has brought us- especially in the last two years- to mainly using the form of lecture-performances including electronic cutup music. We have published several books, comics, audio works and records and administrate this webarchive.


Ritalin War Dance

Ritalin War Dance is a Berlin based musical project between dub, drone and doom. Founded late 2010, its members Martin Maischein and Robert Schirmer mix soundscaping experiments with noise and electronic dancemusic elements, combining their different musical backgrounds from harsh d’n’b, electrofunk and experimental electronic dance music (Maischein) to noiserock/punk/noise(Schirmer) to step into a new musical area, where they could use their skills in exploring and experimenting on something new to both.

Martin Maischein previously released a number of records under various pseudonyms such as Heinrich at Hart (Position Chrome), Sandbenders (Force Inc, Science City), Goner (Gone) and more since the mid-90ies, the latest being a 7″ on Kreislauf this January while Robert Schirmer played all Europe with his bands Gentle Veincut, Stresseuche and Budyet, with releases on noiserock labels like Whosbrain Records, Gaffer Records and Looptown.


Karl Marx Stadt

Karl Marx Stadt is electronic music artist Christian Gierden (b. 1978) working mostly in the field of heavy, fast & complicated but cheesy dance music. Overwhelmingly emotional melodies, radiant spacey atmospheres, intricate but strong rhythmic structures make for a rewarding listener’s experience.

After slowly stepping back from the late 90ies mostly sample based hardcore project Society Suckers, recent years have spawned a love for analogue techniques, dub and stronger emphasis on melodic elements. Live shows can be an amusing blend of hyperen ergetic Rave mixing and carefully paced Dubbing sessions incorporating circuitbending, synthesizers, childrens toys and of course, the universe.