SPB12025 Istari Lasterfahrer: Walls Cave In On You

1. Walls Cave In
2. Transgression
3. Event Horizon
4. Nymph
1. Hysteresis
2. Fly Home
3. Pourqoui Moi

the mind is collapsing on you, everything falls apart but actually its not the walls which restrict you. at least in most cases not the proverbial. its a structure that makes up a controll for each ones behave. the normative may be exceeded only in behave, the hegemony be attacked only in the situation. the step to the abyss, which allows the prospect, is connected with the slide. each highlight is the beginning of decay. the mayfly begins her live as a nymph. what distinguishes the moment of knowledge about some of the ignorance of the moment before. is the last question for each one: why me?

seven tracks gathered on this release from acid breaks to experimental free jazz electronics, doomdub and yardcore crushing breakcore. record limited to 250 copies, white vinyl, full color cover and A2 poster.