Brian House – Shim Ring EP

after their first release with wah wah no borders ep our berlin based friends label kool killer is releasing now their second 10inch.

the forthcoming release features two experimental electronic pieces by brian house.

Brian House is a wild mix between a gifted musician and weird scientist. He also studied that kinda thing. He was born in Denver but lives in Providence now (if not in the whole world). His works have been part of festivals like Ars Electronica (Linz) or Transmediale (Berlin). Two new pieces of Brians music will be released pretty soon on Berlin based label Kool Killer Records.
On March 17/ 2017 the 10inch vinyl EP Shim Ring will be released. This EP combines two different kinds of musical approaches. But both deal with the use of repetition and our perception of it.

The first track Ngoshi is the result of shere instrumental setup. It´s musically located in the percussive, ambient genre.
On the B side Reeds field-recordings and production techniques, which have been established by Musique Concrète some years before, are used. It’s heavy and gripping.

A: Ngoshi /// 06:59 min

B: Reeds /// 06:39 min

The Brian House EP Shim Ring will be released on march 17/ 2017 as a limited edition of 300 copies. The record covers are risoprints by Berlin based artist Steffen Ullmann. Some shirts and a small tour are in the making.