Coco Bryce

CocoBryceIn 1995 Coco Bryce started DJing hardcore and breakbeat, gradually switching to d&b and tekno a few years later. Mainly operating under his “DJ-Y” moniker (as part of the notorious ZMK Soundsystem) he also took his first steps as a producer, which resulted in his debut vinyl release in 2000 on the Obnoxious label of friend and fellow DJ/producer OBX. By the late 00′s his focus had shifted more towards downtempo styles like hip hop and skweee, releasing a number of records and cassettes on such labels as Harmönia, Fremdtunes and his own Myor imprint.
The last couple of years have seen him go full circle, playing and producing mainly jungle and breakbeat hardcore, running two sublabels specialized in said styles (Myor Massiv and Diamond Life), collaborating with the likes of Dead Man’s Chest, Tim Reaper and fellow Dutch junglist FFF and dropping a slew of EP’s and 12”s on various UK based labels including 7th Storey Projects, Fresh 86, Western Lore and Hypercharger.