Ritalin War Dance

Ritalin War Dance is a Berlin based musical project between dub, drone and doom. Founded late 2010, its members Martin Maischein and Robert Schirmer mix soundscaping experiments with noise and electronic dancemusic elements, combining their different musical backgrounds from harsh d’n’b, electrofunk and experimental electronic dance music (Maischein) to noiserock/punk/noise(Schirmer) to step into a new musical area, where they could use their skills in exploring and experimenting on something new to both.

Martin Maischein previously released a number of records under various pseudonyms such as Heinrich at Hart (Position Chrome), Sandbenders (Force Inc, Science City), Goner (Gone) and more since the mid-90ies, the latest being a 7″ on Kreislauf this January while Robert Schirmer played all Europe with his bands Gentle Veincut, Stresseuche and Budyet, with releases on noiserock labels like Whosbrain Records, Gaffer Records and Looptown.