SPB12007 Various Artists : We Bomb Fi Dub Vol.1

dj phkus: da loot
neurosis orchestra: 2tone

dj i.r.: dumbstep
istari lasterfahrer: bang soundboy

sozialistischer plattenbau goes on with its exploring of modernists urban dub sounds with the WE BOMB FI DUBS series. in fact the first part just to released with tunes by dj phokus,neurosis orchestra, dj i.r. and istari

dj phokus is actually well know throu his release on mg77 and represents hamburgs dubstep/grime posse which throws a monthly club session called next_lvl together with dj franky and mc mindfuck. on this release he gets deeper into grimy stepper dub tune called “da loot”.
neurosis orchestra is a trio from south london as they told, but the whole thing about this project is a mysterie. coming strong on this release with “2tone”, darken monoton dub with a big lethargig melancholic move forward.
flipside there is dj i.r. from leipzig, boss of thestoopid plastics record label and resident dubber and junglist at leipzigs true to the scen place zoro. dj i.r. delivers “dumpstep” the most smiling and experimental dub track on this.
last track is by istari lasterfahrer following his path found on the dubcore volume four with “bang soundboy” – a quite scattered and twisted tune with fresh bass tecnics.

limited to 350 cover and super cool series cover done by sami ala eddin!


De-Bug, 7.6.2007, Bleed:
“Brilliante Dubstepplatte für alle die mal die Grenzen des Genres richtig ausloten wollen. Mächtig in den Basslines, voller Samples die man nicht mehr aus dem Ohr bekommt und mit so überzeugend kantigen Grooves, dass man sich danach gerne auch mal für einen Octopus hält. Die Tracks kommen aus Hamburg, Leipzig und London und nichts lässt ahnen welcher woher sein mag, denn alle sind extrem deep.”