SPB12009 Various Artists : We Bomb Fi Dub Vol.2

wadadda: whole a dem
dj i.r.: what for

istari lasterfahrer: message
dub1: fox

the we bomb fi dub serie continous with its second part. featuring this time wadadda from cologne representing müllgrime and the church of grimetology. he brings a full load dubstep tune and should be known from his releases onmg77 and police in helicopters. again we have also dj i.r. and istari lasterfahrer on this 45 rpm record. the man from Irie Intavention/Stoopid Plastics from leipzig – mr dj i.r. - brings this time the maximum of minimal stepper and bass space with his dark tune. istari drops a razor bass stepper with some roots licks. the record ends with dub1from portsmouth, virginia, usa. the man fromdreadtek recordings drops a more roots dubber tune with some distorted backdrops.