SPB12011 Bambam Babylon Bajasch : Finest Brewed Dubplates

what you deserve

handy dj

bock drop


sniffing beer

hartzcore vibes

sozialistischer plattenbau is gladly announcing this vinyl release with colognes finest punky-raggae-jungle-dubstep-galore groupbambam babylon bajash. this record follows their second album on basspraesidium and brings some tunes from the cd to the wheels of steel to fire up dances everywhere. also their are some special versions and mashups added that not on their regular release.
starting up with “what you deserve” brings the whole bunch of bajash mcs in full effect. hitting lyrics in cologne and english to a driving breaksdub track. next track lets you remind on ta song by the smith - but here its all about doing partys with handys (well mobile phones of course!). last track on the a-side is “bock drop” a hot wanted tune by the infamous lords op de ring, set up here with heavy bass action and lyrics about going out with your writer crew.
flipside the opener is a junglist version of the tune “eierschaukel” – smacking punk raps on rocksteady breaks. the record ends up with two golden bajash mashup ttrack. “bear sniffing” goes gabbarish and hiphop chopped, while “hartzcore vibes” is uplifting oldschool rave shit.

350 copies have been pressed.