SPB12018 Various Artists : We Bomb Fi Dub vol. 5

Mr. Boogie: Dirty Dub
Dipswitch: Plastic Smile

Neurosis Orchestra:
The Big English Swindle
Istari Lasterfahrer: Inner Immigration

four more tracks on the we bomb fi dub series.mr boggie delivers “dirty dub” one of his first dubstep tunes, could be like 4 years old or more? but still kicking. dipswitch from cologne drops “plastic smile” a rootsy track with wicked bass melodies and amen breakdown. flipside berlins neurosis orchestra with “the great british swindle” comes with tricky metal type breaks on drowning halfstep crunchyness and rave stabs. istari lasterfahrers track “inner imigration” goes even more doomish on the fade out floor.

320 copies been pressed.