SPB12032: Istari Lasterfahrer: Dubcore Vol.14 Syncopalypse EP


Doubt & Dispair

after four years and istari lasterfahrers last mini-lp from 2014 he is now back on the dubcore series with four tracks.

starting up with percussive synth clonks “extasy” jumps right into polyrythmic territory. from the exodus to extasy transformed a stuttering vocal sample and suddenly the euphoria kicks in and there we go hooked on a house piano progression that let’s into high tension rave mayham. “pressure” following up blends from footwork into hardcore jungle, we keeped locked-on in hanging patterns of breaks.
flipside starts dubby with “riddance”, a dark jazzdub track with a rolling bass line and hickuped vocal samples. disjunced percussions from the echochamber and wild feedback synth explosions. “doubt & dispair” brings us back outside on the street, darkstyle tune of the more experimental corner. harsh springreverb thunders and filered breaks fighting for clear spaces.

limited to 300 copies and running on 33,3 rpm. master cut by lxc from watta sound.
releasedate: early june 2018