SPB12033: GRMMSK: Reality Asylum

1. IDENT [intro]
2. RUN [down]
3. LONG[way]
4. MADNESS [2017]

1. [everything] CRASH
2. [ist] SITUATION
3. [false] HIGH

the second grmmsk release, after One World – Nowhere To Hide 12inch, on 12inch on sozialistischer plattenbau is a six label cooperation release with totes format, grmmsk own label, false move records from greece, minor label from leipzig, canopy weekends from bremen and hafenschlamm also from hamburg.

Another 30min of condensed DoomDub-Versions on blacklabeled pitch-black vinyl. All of the tunes have been deranged and recorded at METSÄÄN STUDIO in midst of the finnish forest in 2017 and they summon urban dread and voice the desire to escape the grinding concrete molars of babylon towards an utopic ZONE that provides freedom for all. The record will include a download code for the digital version and will also be available in tape format via GRMMSK.

The record will be released by the collective effort of six labels from 3 different countries and is best ordered from a location close to you, to keep the routes of transportation short. EVEN MORE BLOOD FOR THE TRANSPORTATION OF VINYL.

limited to 200 copies on black vinyl with full-color folding cover.