SPB12035: Terrorrythmus: Dubcore Vol.16

Something Unreal
Low Drop
Shake That

first release in 2019 and the first time on sozialistischer plattenbau we drop a five tracker by bremens Terrorrythmus. bringing in some jungle and hardcore influenced juke & footwork breaks and huge bass kick walls. the first side starts with a happy hardcore banger with some nice bass drops, while ‘sike’ is more on the hypnotic trance laser disco trip. flipside starts with ‘low drop’ which sets up a standing wall of subs with more experimental beats between dubstep and juke. ‘shake that’ as the following track hangs on with the track before but brings in full hardcore kicks and junglistic amen breaks. ‘depression’ then is another junglist amen breaks chop up juke track for the hardcore ravers.
again 300 copies on first run, master cut again by lxc of wattasound on hot 33,3rpm grooves.

Release Date 9.2.2018.