SPB7004 Various Artists : Ihr wollt Kunst und Kultur

deep : bam bam bohle
nhlsm : frankophonI
nhlsm : kuhhandel
nhlsm : frankophonII


istari lasterfahrer: weekend kids
istari lasterfahrer: arcade dont stop
istari lasterfahrer: hate track #18
istari lasterfahrer: commercial rubbish
slackism : 3/11/00
slackism : 22/1/01

four way four labels and four artists split release. slackism of cmplct#27, istari lasterfahrer of sozialistischer plattenbau, deep from dhyana records and nhlsm joined here.

“More puzzling is a 7″ with four bands. Istari Lasterfahrer offer four short tracks of gabber like techno with a political edge (‘I hate hitler’ is the text of ‘hate track # 18) and the longest piece is ‘Commercial Rubbish’. Crude stuff. Slackism offer a more subdued outing of droning ambient loops, but in a rather lo-fi mood. Deep is a bit more known, from their previous releases on Dhyana, but who offer a less dubby outing then before, but again also a sort of lo-fi guitar rumble over a not so consistent rhythm. Nihism is the last band and they are from Switzerland. More traditional rock like songs, with guitars and drum machines and sound overall really lo-fi and a bit outdated (and least produced here).”
by vital weekly 293,Staalplaat

300 copies have been pressed.