SPB7005/7006 Various Artists : $kills Music

bruno & michel are smiling with skipper : faith
istari lasterfahrer: they don`t give a tiny, bad smeling piece about us

moonwhacker: phoney
saoulaterre: i wish i was a greyface
redcode: bad

parasite : mj crash
hayate & pioughd: zecke over neverland


minus ktv: c.r.e.a.m
error23 & repogrrl: no shot till money drop

double 7inch concept package with 8 tracks and 4 locked-grooves. 8 keep it up with the man from neverland, whos been ripped by his label. flip yourself throu ginding digital punk, junglecore cutups, electronique, collages and sample terrorism.

First press been 350 copies second press another 200 copies third press 200 more copies.