SPB7008 Regrub : Dubcore Vol.2

after actual alien anal absorption

the curry groccer man

“The story of RegRub is one of coincidence, differences and experiment. Having developed a passion for music throughout the years, both members have quite an experience in different musical genres. Ranging from jazz, modern classical music, hiphop, minimal electronics, drum’n’bass, ambient and breakcore, these guys take you on a safari once you put on one of their tracks. With cunningly programmed beats, crispy noises and carefully distorted sounds, you got to keep focussed on what’s happening, or else you’re left behind…”

on dubcore volume two these guys presenting two different tracks. “after actual alien anal absobation” is a bastard between gabba and breakbeat switching from hiphop to faster speed, much bass punch and lots of noise drones in the air. raggae and disco loops are thrown in for no reason. flipside “the curry grocer man” is noise breakcore fun with dancehall music, buju banton would be pleased.

300 copies has been pressed.