yppasswdd daemons

yppasswdd daemons are:

mc pismo : vocals
casio vl-tone : lead synth / rythmbox
polysix : voltage controlled oscillator
farfisa : vco and strings
mfb-512 : rythmbox

human slaves: repogrrl, istari

mc cs5300 left the bad in cause of unexpected errors

in the early 1999 some machines, under the leadership of casio vl-tone, gathered in a smoky internet cabine. that was the time a manual comes the way by from a far finnish http server. casio vl-tone circuts run wild and he decided to join this dogma. His two friends polysix and the lovely farfisa was amazed too.
Next day in the early morning they started to jam up some tunes. but still something was missing. "a real band needs some steady drummer and a singer" said farfisa and that was the beginning of a greater quest. after several messages on alt.drummer.computer and misc.digital.singers the hope to find some qualified drummer and singer was nearly zero.
but it was polysix who went another day to a studio, were he hopes to earn some money as a studio-musican, and meet mfb-512, an old and nearly forgotten drumcomputer box, laying in the back of the studio, slowly disapearing under dust and the newer high tech equipment. Next day, mfb-512, comes up to the proving ground of the group around casio vl-tone, and they jammed the whole day and their poweradapters running hot. After some sessions mfb-512 brings up an old buddy of him, mc se30, who should be the first singer of the group.

that was the time istari and repogirl meet the yppasswdd daemons on an electronic and computer recycling factory, where mc se30 was getting his weekly ram. Two days later they started recording the first 7inch ep with six tracks. Sorrowly 2 weeks later mc se30 suffered under heavily inner circuit problems and left the band.

after the great impact on the worlds music scene, the yppasswdd daemons, went back to studio to record a couple of new tunes, to set the humans on fire and rock the house. they found a new singer, mc pb1200cs, and another musican, poly800 the little brother of polysix.