Itty Minchesta

The AtomicTitCorporation was founded in 1999 and formerly called ‘Atombusentransporte’. It is an artistic interdisciplinary research project and exists due to interest. We, the constant members Itty Minchesta and Dr. Legasto,have so far focused on a variety of themes including eg.
-how to create space for a very short time
- how to research
- poetological ethnology
- zombiism and self-management
- labour and failure
- sickness/disease and its relation to popculture
- the phenomenon of romanticising containerization / how to fall out of frames – the (abusive) use of headphones in so-called public spheres
- the (im)possibility of subversion
- the sexual history of the atomic bomb
All research projects have been performed live or have been exhibited. We have always tried to choose the appropriate media for each research project which in the process has brought us- especially in the last two years- to mainly using the form of lecture-performances including electronic cutup music. We have published several books, comics, audio works and records and administrate this webarchive.