SPB12006 Itty Minchesta : Evergreens Of The Walkmensect



walkmen pt.1
i still have plans
drub b
hamburg is nich schuld daran
city nord

a boring life
like a box
blei pino silvestre
walkmen pt.2
checkin for u rmx
u r still there

this is itty minchestas first vinyl debut album. shes been working over the last years in several projects of her atomic tit coperation. first in the punk electro band broostkrew, then after the vanishing together with doctore legasto asatc or in the special booty hiphop project 2 wett. they released till now several limited cd-r records and a comic book. itty minchesta also released the semi-scientistic novell “die kopfhörer sekte”.

the main bussiness of the atomic tit coperation were always live performances with musical, lecture and video screen content. in their latest project they developed a gadjet where doctor elasto and itty minchesta could communicate over a long distance, so that they could perform on different locations on earth in sync.

from these last secrets of the walkmen sect project and some newer tracks are taken the content of this release.

for more infos to the atomic tit coperation:

play length: each side in 33,3 rpm the one side is 13 minutes with an infinitive loop and the other side is 16 minutes. comes with a a3 foldout sleave with writings in german.

400 copies have been pressed.