SPB12005 Istari Lasterfahrer : The Rabbit In Me

self blur onload
pepi house megamix

somewhere out there
the crying game
got to release

and again another charming release by istari lasterfahrer on sozialistischer plattenbau. this time no sample hunting mash up the top release. the first side kicks of with two idm breakcore tracks of the more popish melody side of the man of the thousend trashcan shattering. the third track then is a 220 bpm cutup break stomper of the more vicious side. flipside starts with a dark dub breaker melting urban sounds like ambulance sirens, fleas and spray can sounds. second track on side b is mixing hiphop beat techniques with heavy weight dub bass sounds. the record ends with a tiny calm piano electonics piece.

play length: round about 13 minutes on
33,3 rpm each side.

500 copies have been pressed.