SPB12008 Error 23

i like 2 wish 
what i am suppose
dirt is a color
spread and scatter
growing distance
stay 4 a second
2 cute
does it hurt
here i stand

2 feel for sure
this makes me wet
keep it shiny
glue it
no more waste
i hate my job
no power
expected something

call it like c64, or eight bit or whatever but here is the real deal by error23 and its called chip tunes. soundtracker driven minimal sample loops and bits to generate his sort of modern punkish anthems. some of these, mostly around one minute long tunes, are straight on beats with melodies that need no delay others are going into more like electronic idm styled programming.

23 tracks at all are collected on this 30 minutes playtime vinyl release by error23 from the years 2003 to 2004 mostly composed at his night-office-desk job in a hotel lobby. error23is a good friend of istari lasterfahrer and some might prove that he is even the same person. he released recently on some labels likeerkrankung durch musik on their sid musique compilation, on sozialistischer plattenbau a very limited 10inch and lalty on alphacute.

230 copies have been pressed.