SPB12046: F.K. Raeithel – Die Wurlitzerorgel Des Geistes

Prolog 00:38
In Seidenpapier 08:25
Im Wiesengrund 02:02
Ich brauche Nichts 02:53
Am Wegesrand 05:12

Ich möchte gern einen Apfel essen 03:22
Der Zug ist jetzt abgefahren 03:49
In Unbestimmtheit 03:43
Konsonantenzentrifuge 04:36
Epilog 01:56
Ende 02:25

An operetta in 8 acts by Istari Lasterfahrers alter ego F.K. Raeithel.

Musique concrète composed with erratic transistors, noddled & wiggled with wires in states of uncertainty. From berlin school to frankfurt school to north-sumatra the voice of apple speech synthesis is drain into the konsonantenzentrifuge and the leftover stammer of words treated by speech cleaning applications and autotuned speakers join into the play.

»For advertising pur­poses the Wurlitzer organ humanizes the vibrato, once a carrier of subjective expression, by mechanically superimposing it on the mechanically produced sound. The jargon likewise supplies men with patterns for being human, patterns which have been driven out of them by unfree labor, if in fact traces of free labor did ever exist.«

»I like it for the buchla bongos.« — Vince

Cover Drawing by Chrizzi Heinen