SPB12048: F. K. Raeithel – Dance With Uncertainty

A1    2:40
A2    3:15
A3    4:44
A4    3:31
A5    1:45
A6    2:21
A7    4:57

B1    2:43
B2    2:36
B3    2:03
B4    2:53
B5    4:30
B6    2:52
B7    2:12
B8    1:19
B9    2:23

The concept of Dance With Uncertainty is deeply rooted in philosophical, artistic, and cultural traditions. The notion of embracing uncertainty and change has been explored in various forms throughout history, often symbolizing the human experience and the impermanence of life. In the context of music and sound, Dance With Uncertainty could be seen as a reflection of the constant ebb and flow of life‘s uncertainties, captured and conveyed through sonic textures and evolving compositions.

Buchla Bongos emerge as a captivating sonic artifact within the realm of electro-acoustic compositions, modern classical arrangements, and disco anthems. These intricate electronic percussive circuit, using a lowpass gate, crafted by the visionary Don Buchla, lend a unique and experimental edge to diverse musical landscapes.

Transistor Mallets weave a aural mosaic that seamlessly spans future jazz, sequential music and disco euphoria. Generated by hitting resonanting filters with milliseconds of voltage snaps these electronically reverbing mallet instruments reimagine the boundaries of sound, allowing classical tones to coalesce with futuristic elements.

Interlocked Rhythm Sample & Hold Music This approach to sound creation weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of rhythm, texture, and sonic exploration, captivating listeners and defying traditional musical boundaries. At its core, Interlocked Rhythm Sample & Hold Music is a synthesis of technology, creativity, and a deep understanding of rhythmic intricacies. The foundation lies in the Sample & Hold circuit, a device that captures and freezes incoming voltages, creating distinct musical snapshots that evolve over time or an Linear Feedback Shift Register (eg. Rungler), a circuit used in electronic music synthesis and sound manipulation to create unique and evolving musical textures. The Rungler was created by Rob Hordijk. A more sofisticated useage of a 8 bit shift register and by combining this with a typical sequencer design is the Klee Seqeuncer developed by Scott Stites. A cheap version of this design is the Turing Machine. Another tool is the Analog Shift Register. In the context of creating arabesque melodies, an analog shift register (invended by Fukushi Kawakami and later adapted by Serge Tcherepnin) can be a fascinating tool to generate intricate and ornamented musical patterns. Yet, it‘s the interlocking of these snapshots that sets this genre apart, infusing the compositions with an intricate dance of patterns and pulses. A fourth device is a pendulum or random addressed sequencer, that in the first case moves in a drunken unpredictical maner. Each of these device for uncertainty becomes a rhythmic sculptor, freezing the dynamic interplay of melodies, beats, and textures. These frozen moments are then interwoven, each snapshot forming a unique thread in a sound tableau that stretches and contracts, pulses and breathes. The result is an auditory experience that challenges preconceptions of rhythm and structure. The interlocked rhythms give rise to complex grooves that ebb and flow in unpredictable ways, evoking a sense of perpetual motion and transformation. The music becomes a living organism, its heartbeats synchronized yet untamed, its evolution both deliberate and free-spirited. The juxtaposition of staccato bursts and fluid flows, of machine-like precision and organic unpredictability. As listeners delve into the world of Interlocked Rhythmic Sample & Hold Music, they embark on a sonic odyssey. The music becomes a companion, guiding them through a labyrinth of rhythmic landscapes that simultaneously challenge and invites to the dance with uncertainty.

Felix K. Raeithel:
Modular Synthesizer, Granular Looping Sampling Device
All tracks produced and recorded 2022 – 2023 on two to four tracks.
c + p sozialistischer plattenbau – spb12048 – released 2023
no acoustic instruments were abused apart from the rustle of a poppy capsule. can you find her?

limited to 200 copies