SPB7009 Handbag/abba / Dev 79 : Dubcore Vol. 3

handbag/abba : poor people feed up with memories


dev79 : stop, look, cut the dj

dubcore volume three is another two track 7inch this time with a bit far out ragga cutups. one one side we have handbag/abba mashing up two ragga accapellas with a sort of deathmetal drums, gabba bass kicks and lots of noizy breaks. handbag/abba is one personality behind the mysterious acidboychair music group from hamburg germany. now one knows for shure but we know he also does djing as dj dc schuhe and does some acid stuff under the name acidboychair gold sounds and then seen doing kind of tek-hip-house as bassline baldwin. the other side we have dev79 from Philadelphia. dev79 is into many scenes sounds too. hiphop, dub, breakcore, illbient and idm. on this plate he offers a midtempo breakcore ragga mashup.

400 copies have been pressed.