Acid Skanking Vol.2 and Vol.3 on the way!

to be released on 28.5.2021. the next two chapters in the acid skanking series. one time hip house and hyper hardcore house on the flipside and the volume 3 goes deep into teebee 303 dub.

three releases on 7inch in november

on 6.novembers three 7inches are coming this way.

first one:
SPB7026 – Mark Boombastik – Wasser / Vogel
A- Wasser
B- Vogel
Mark Boombastik is a human beatbox with advanced technics. Early in his career, he added guitar effects and bass synths to his live sets to push his vocal art to a new level. Mark Boombastik is mostly known for his astonishing crossover pop-song “Putzen” which was licensed for german TV shows among other crazy things. Through this novelty hit he caught the attention of the Berlin record label Shitkatapult for which he produced the long-player “Adios Berlin” together with Eduardo Delgado-Lopez. Lesser known but extremely sought after are his releases on Meeuw Muzak and Gagarin Records. With Gagarin Records chairman Felix Kubin he did countless live and studio collaborations. After a brief release-hiatus, this 7″ on Sozialistischer Plattenbau presents two recent tracks. The record comes in a cover that was designed by Hamburg artist Thomas Baldischwyler and printed in 3 punky color-layers with a middle-aged Riso printer on recycled paper.
coming on 6.11.2020 on 232 copies on vinyl
mastering gavin weiss

second one:
SPB7027 – Classless Kulla with Desmond Denker & Istari Lasterfahrer – Identität / Besseres Leben
A- Identität
B- Besseres Leben
10 year anniversary release to the 2010 released cd by Classless Kulla & Istari Lasterfahrer. This 7inch brings two of the tracks on vinyl. the first one is ‚identität‘ done by Classless and Desmond Denker from Bambam Babylon Bajash and on the flip side ‚Besseres Leben‘ done with Istari Lasterfahrer and Classless. One breakcore bashment and one more acid influenced electronic pop tune of the wicked kind. and there is also one hidden track on the vinyl, so watch out. comes in fold out sleeve cover with lyrics and picture and a download code for the whole cd ‚wir hatten noch was vor‘ from 2010. super limited to 150 copies!
coming on 6.11.2020 on 150 copies on vinyl

third one:
SPB7028 – Istari Lasterfahrer – Acid Skanking Vol.1
A- Maximum Planck
B- Hypernism Planck
Acid Skanking is dedicated to cross-cultural riddims. the first one drops versions of the ‚planck‘ riddim: acid basslines meets dub science on 162 bpm. there we go ska rude girls and boys skanking on acid. the flip side with the ‚hypernism planck‘ brings back old school hardcore on the same bassline inclusive a proper slamming hoover ending.
coming on 6.11.2020 on 200 copies on vinyl

Dubcore Volume 20

the dubcore series goes into its 20th release! Another Istari Lasterfahrer release. dropping four tunes starting up with a more dub then jungle track “bridge over gibraltar”, strictly echoing and bass. “waanya” second on the a side goes into heavy amen breaks and massiv dancehall basslines. on the flipside the speed goes up from previously 160/162 bpm to 174bpm with the soundclash mashup tune “pee pee a fi dubplate” with warping subs, filteramens and melanged on top with uptempo footwork riddims. last tune “mr. white” drops back to 162 bpm and dubwize basslines and idm jungle breaks.

can be preordered at:
Redeye Records / Unearthed / Suburban Trash / Deejay / Disc World / Phonica Records / Out of Joint / hhv
and soon at:
toolbox records / suburban trash / have-a-break / Musicam Records / Platfon / Dubstore / Horizones Music / Tribe Sounds /

and of course here:

DUBCORE Vol. 17 & Vol.18 – Summer 2019

the next two dubcore 12inch releases are on the runway to start up. this time we got some four tracker by Duke Of The Juke, with some wrped jungle breaks and dub sounds into footwork, and Sumone with three darkstyle mashup jungle amen bangers. to be released late july / early august 2019.

Terrorrythmus on Dubcore Volume.16

for the number 16 in the dubcore series just released is Terrorrythmus from bremen. this time a five tracker with some of his juke/jungle/hardcore melange machup tunes. keep tracking him for playing near-by his live and dj sets are awseome!

get the vinyl here and check out the digitals:

Dubcore Volume 15: Coco Bryce

With Dubcore Volume 15 we welcome Coco Bryce from Myor to the series. This one will be a rave release. “ironing service” is the most jungle related tune one the vinyl. followed up by a more experimental tune called “oracle” testing out the fields between breaks and juke in it’s own way. flipside we go into stomping hardcore tunes with 4/4 kicks and heavy basslines.

This one comes in early november 2018!

RECORDSTOREDAY 2018 Limited Release

for this year record store day we have a limited 5 copies 7inch lathe cut released! <b>istari lasterfahrer</b> with a 3 tracker electro acid jellygum called “House Of The Snail Charmer God”. Comes in a full color printed sleave and stamped labels. Five downloadcodes included for you to send people via snailmail! be quick to get one here

CELSIUS : Fire On Wax II – Dubcore Volume 13

after 2017 Celsius release on the dubcore series for early 2018 is now the second release sheduled. again with four of his 1995 amiga 500 jungle tunes on hot red vinyl. to be released end of january beginn of february. let the ice get melted with this one!

A1 This… Rules
A2 Komplete Kontrol
B1 Rise In Time
B2 War Inna Babylon

again on fat red 45 rpm Vinyl cut by LXC
300 copies world wide

Coming Soon: FFF on Dubcore Volume 12

Tommy de Roos aka FFF from rotterdam is back for the dubcore series. he joined in in 2009 for the volume 7. that was furious happy hardcore and maniac breakcore. this time he is back with a delicated blend of footwork jungle, darkstyle breaks, hardcore dancehall and dubby basslines.

four fresh tunes are writen on the number 12 in the series running on 45 rpm for maximum clearance in the treble. lxc from alphacut made a good job in mastering this one!

release date is the 1.9.2017, pre-sale is on at our shop or check your favorite jungle dealer next door.

Brian House – Shim Ring EP

after their first release with wah wah no borders ep our berlin based friends label kool killer is releasing now their second 10inch.

the forthcoming release features two experimental electronic pieces by brian house.

Brian House is a wild mix between a gifted musician and weird scientist. He also studied that kinda thing. He was born in Denver but lives in Providence now (if not in the whole world). His works have been part of festivals like Ars Electronica (Linz) or Transmediale (Berlin). Two new pieces of Brians music will be released pretty soon on Berlin based label Kool Killer Records.
On March 17/ 2017 the 10inch vinyl EP Shim Ring will be released. This EP combines two different kinds of musical approaches. But both deal with the use of repetition and our perception of it.

The first track Ngoshi is the result of shere instrumental setup. It´s musically located in the percussive, ambient genre.
On the B side Reeds field-recordings and production techniques, which have been established by Musique Concrète some years before, are used. It’s heavy and gripping.

A: Ngoshi /// 06:59 min

B: Reeds /// 06:39 min

The Brian House EP Shim Ring will be released on march 17/ 2017 as a limited edition of 300 copies. The record covers are risoprints by Berlin based artist Steffen Ullmann. Some shirts and a small tour are in the making.



Dubcore Is Back !

happy to announce the next release coming in mid march 2017, just in a couple of days! the dubcore series, after the last one by lfo demon, now continous as a 12inch series. the first drop is fire on wax by celsius. four banging jungle tunes on red vinyl running on 45 rpm. these tunes been my favorite since the mid ninties available in the digital underground of aminet. so freaked about to see these early internet releases from 1995 made with protracker for amiga 500 now on vinyl. brings back the oldschool jungle vibe.
preorder is on. release date 17.3.2017.
preorders dispatch in the week of the release!
get your copy now!

One Week: Clastah Dead Stars

In one Week (14.10) DEAD STARS by CLASTAH will be released finaly.

Some Dates with this release:

28.10 9859 Tage Rote Flora
27 jahre Rote Flora Party in Hamburg
Itty Minchesta (Ireland)
Spröde Lippen (Bremen)
Mark Boombastik aka die Großmutter (Hamburg)
Clastah (Hamburg/Osten)
Terrorrythmus (Bremen)
facebook event:

13.10. “Follow Me To Glitter” Release Party
Midnight Popup Shop on this Concert with Istari Lasterfahrer DJing later.
Gängeviertel Hamburg.
Gladbeck City Bombing
Mark Boombastik
Istari Lasterfaherer (dj).
facebook event:

20.10 Anti Identitären Aktion Musik
Hamburg Kampnagel by Josha Hendrix Ende with Clastah Djing in the End
facebook event:
Kampnagel Webpage

Preorder the record at FLIGHT 13 Recordstore or Sozialistischer Plattenbau Mailorder


Soon: CLASTAH: Dead Stars

final-faltcover-druck-pfade.inddhooray! dear marvelous music lovers. happy to announce the next forthcoming release. classless kulla and istari lasterfahrer consolidated again after their debut release years ago, their second one “Wir hatten doch noch was vor” and the last release “Auf & Zustände”, now under their new name CLASTAH.

recordings for this new album went on for the last three years on rare occasions with lots of thinking, traveling, soldering and doubting in fare nebular space systems inbetween. but everything should come to an end, all fuel on the spaceship is burnt, all comets have been hitchhiked, and eating krill and kelp day in and day out is just not really satisfiying; they came back from strolling the kosmos, and so here we go: but you have to wait till it’s finally ready in its materialized form – out in fall 2016 on a double 12inch sized vinyl record!

spb12028: CLASTAH «dead stars» – 2x12inch
A: where we come from / that escalated quickly / barderos de la vereda  / wir streiken
B: critical richness / rammstein lösen sich auf / candombe de mucha palo / i was just wondering
C: meine lieblingsgruppe (feat. torsun) / part of it / mieses stück scheisze / museum of dead people / this is classless
D: the wandering working class / triebwagen

in between you can listen to the last year released video out-take of the song “wir streiken” or this just brand new edited video of one of the tracks of the release:

filmed and edited: 25 April 2016 between 3:30 pm and 1:38 am
pink cap by Anna Kumher


One World – Nowhere To Hide released today!

happy to release GRMMSK 12inch ep today. you can order it in the mailorder or at the bandcamp page from us or at his own totstellen bandcamp site (he would be thankfull).

Upcoming TOTSTELLEN live shows:
31.01. Helsinki, Oranssi
Upcoming GRMMSK live shows:
20.02. Hamburg, FSK,
26.02. Oldenburg, Alhambra
27.02. Hamburg, Hörbar
06.03. Berlin, Praxis Party
Please check the link for more detailed info.

Announcing SPB12026

GRMMSK : One World – Nowhere To Hide will be released on 30.1.2015. limited to 200 copies on clear vinyl with unique and numbered screenprint on plasticsheets cover inlay.

Dubcore Volume 10 Release!

Dubcore Volume 10 with Lfo Demon will be released on 7.1.2015 in Berlin at Noiseangriff! there will be Lfo Demon alongside with Rokkon, Ritalin War Dance, Christof Fringeli, fgnugn, Zombieflesheater and Istari Lasterfahrer.

Noiseangriff! is at Lauschangriff
Rigaer Str 103
10247 Berlin

Coming in Fall 2014

Next two releases on sozialistischer plattenbau are nearly in production. there will be another dubcore release and a 12inch mini LP.
Spb12026 will be a 7 tracker release by Grmmsk from nearby helsinki ( at the moment ). be prepared for timeshifted and droning doomstep.the record will cover some refixed versions from his own tape releases on totesformat and some new stuff. for those who want to sneakout what is coming just track down to his website.
Dubcore number 10 will feature two freshing blasting breakcore tunes by none other then the mighty titan lfo demon. be ready!


SPB12025 Preview

SPB12025 – Istari Lasterfahrer: Walls Cave In On You – miniLP

release date: 13.06.2014 place to be: praxis meets datacid party, berlin

the mind is collapsing on you, everything falls apart but actually its not the walls which restrict you. at least in most cases not the proverbial. its a structure that makes up a controll for each ones behave. the normative may be exceeded only in behave, the hegemony be attacked only in the situation. the step to the abyss, which allows the prospect, is connected with the slide. each highlight is the beginning of decay.
the mayfly begins her live as a nymph.
what distinguishes the moment of knowledge about some of the ignorance of the moment before. is the last question for each one: why me?

after Inner City Fear, What do you want, Battybwoy Soundboy Massive und Rabbit in Me, this is istari lasterfahrers 5th MiniLP.

get the vinyl record now!

Dubcore Volume 9

Dubcore Volume 9 with Il Boy release this friday on bialystok festival in poland. get your copie here.

dubcore is back! offical or not. you got to have it. this time we have youngster il boy with a fresh riddim between dub, juke, speedhall and carnival sound. slashing high-tension springtank claps going to mash up the beat in half time while you bounce to the upspeed dancehall riddim on 208 bpm. the flipside comes with the version, pleasing with shenai riffs. roll it selector. this time handsprayed with white on black paper covers. 200 copies!

New Digital Album: Wreck Session Tapes

on friday the 2.august 2013 istari lasterfahrer was on leipzigs bazzradio session #24 called “society wreck sessions”. on this digital release there are tracks from this collected. some improved session stuff as well as some older unreleased breakcore mashups. more infos here.

Another Nice Mess – Sozialistischer Plattenbau Special

Tomorrow on radio dfm: Another Nice Mess – Sozialistischer Plattenbau Special.

Istari Lasterfahrer interviewed by Marcelle Van Hoof. Last time in Amsterdam on a Nice Saturday Afternnoon in October i was invited by Marcelle to do a 2 hour special about my Label. I Played old and new records from Sozialistischer Plattenbau and other goodies i found in her large discothek.

If you want to grab the archived version go here:

1. Signature tune: Jon E Cash/untitled 2nd track on b-side 12”: Kamikaze (DaBlackops)
2. Istari Lasterfahrer/War Of The Bugs 7”: Monsterous Manouvers In A Mushroom Haze (from 2011, Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
3. Handbag/Abba/Poor People Fed Up With Memories 7”: Dubcore Volume 3 (from 2004, Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
4. Schleim-Keim/In Der Kneipe Zur Trockenen Kehle lp: Sicher Gibt Es Bessere Zeiten Doch Diese War Die Unsere 2. Ex DDR Punk (from 1992, Höhnie Records)
5. The Upsetters/Blackboard Jungle Dub (Ver. 1) lp: Blackboard Jungle Dub (from 1981, Clocktower Records)
6. Istari Lasterfahrer/Remember 12” ep: Innercity Fear (from 2002, Stooped Plastics)
7. DJ I.R./What For 12” ep: We Bomb Fi Dubs # 2 (from 2007, Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
8. Bambam Babylon Bajasch/Handy DJ 12” ep: Finest Brewed Dubplates (from 2007, Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
9. Josef + Gorki Plubakter/Stop! Arretons De Nous Vendre lp: Biometricks (from 2002, Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
10. Classless Kula & Istari Lasterfahrer/I’m Classless lp: Auf- & Zustände (from 2012, Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
11. Istari Lasterfahrer/Government Of Cooperations mini lp: Do You Think / What Do You Want (from 2003, Sprengstoff / Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
12. Selektor Depender & Filtercutter/Misty Dub 12” ep: Dub Carruseles (from 2012, Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
13. Dub1/Trafficante mini lp: Surface Noise (from 2009, Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
14. Pyrolator/Die Hängebrückenbauer lp: Pyrolator’s Wunderland (from 1984, Ata Tak)
15. Abwärts/Mehr lp: Amok Koma (from 1980, Zick Zack Platten)
16. Electric Kettle/Angry Rootsman lp: Faster Ceremony And Ultra Discipline (from 2002, Peaceoff)
17. Dr. Legasto feat. Itty Minchesta/Schnellfickerhose cassette: Demo Dandies # 2. Berlin (from 2012, Wir Rufen Zurück)
18. Stiff Leather & The Fox/Fox And The Stiff cassette: Demo Dandies # 2. Berlin (from 2012, Wir Rufen Zurück)
19. Bruno & Michel Are Smiling & Skipperrr/I’m Gonna Live Till I Die lp: C’Mon (from 2008, Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
20. Itty Minchesta/Blei Pino Silvestre lp: Evergreens From The Walkman Sect (from 2006, Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
21. E. Stonji/Pa Ca 7” (from 2005, Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
22. LXC/Lyzwerk 7” (from 2010, Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
23. Istari Lasterfahrer/Ausdruckstanz Der Jünglinge cd: Himmel, Harsch Und Hirn. Bekannte Ski- Und Bergsteigerlieder (from 2012, Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
24. Karl Marx Stadt/Auf Wiedersehen 2xlp: 1999 – 2009 (from 2011, Sozialistischer Plattenbau)

Bio[me]trick for free

for the tomorrow to be released spb12023 today i have some candy for free. this is the first ,by repogrrl and me, curated vinyl 12inch release from sozialistischer plattenbau in 2002. its a early classic breakcore compilation (even i didn’t know about this “genre” these days). was limited to 500 copies and features people like gorki plubakter, eiterherd, low entropy, alexdee, bruno & michel are smiling and others.

the main issue for this release where the radical growing of security technology, like cctv, biometric systems on airports and gathering of information in the world wide web, after 9/11.

SPB12022 & SPB12023 Announced

it’s late summer in 2012. here some news on releases for october:

Classless Kulla & Istari Lasterfahrer
Auf- & Zustände – LP
to be released on 13th october 2012. the third release by this collaboration duo from berlin/hamburg. classless kulla on the microphone and istari lasterfahrer doing the electronical data workout for the music. this time instead of full weight cds they deliver 10 fine tracks on vinyl longplayer and download.for more information: go here
if you want to preorder this vinyl go here in the mailorder or if you prefere digital download get over here to save you a copy.

SPB12023 Classless Kulla & Istari Lasterfahrer – Auf- & Zustände LP by sozialistischerplattenbau

Selektor Depender & Filltercutter
Dub Caruselles – 12inch
to be released on 19th october 2012. dub caroussels comes in cooperation with amsterdams bassculture foundaition and sozialistischer plattenbau. drops a heavy dub release that sitts between roots dub and dubstep. two tracks with additional dub versions are on this 45 vinyl and been added up with some derivats of the fx sounds from the tracks. for more information: go here

SPB12022 Selektor Depender & Filltercutter – Dub Carusseles by sozialistischerplattenbau

SPB12020 & SPB 12021 Announcement

sozialistischer plattenbau is happy to announce following releases:

Ritalin War Dance / Neurosis Orchestra 
split ep - 12inch
Split release on Ritalin War Dance ( project by Martin Maischein and Robert Schirmer ) from berlin and Neurosis Orchestra ( the mysterie project from london – berlin ). this release will examing the fields of drone, doom and witchstep.
we call it witchhall what these slow motion robotic bands from berlin are doing for details go here.

Spb12020 Ritalin War Dance / Neurosis Orchestra by sozialistischerplattenbau

istari lasterfahrer 
some places - 12inch
the second release to come in this row in early 2012 is a ep by istari lasterfahrer. happy hardcore, jungle, breakcore and some modular synth opus for you. wanna know more? go here

Spb12021 – Istari Lasterfahrer – Some Places by sozialistischerplattenbau

SPB12019 Karl Marx Stadt III

karl marx stadt: 
III 1999 – 2009 - 2x12inch
after two releases on berlins lux nigra c. gierden aka karl marx stadt is delivering a full album with 19 tracks, mostly generated with impulse tracker in 9 home studios.

The common perception of dance music seems to be leading people to the conclusion that certain forms of open interpretation are unwanted; even forbidden on the dance floor, which in fact, they are not. Actually they are to be encouraged. This album seeks to encourage, to give it a fresh start, open your mind and hear new things in new ways.


Karl Marx Stadt writing to you from the center of the universe. Being probably bored like crazy, he asks you to join him  for a ride on the spaceship. It’s actually more like a station, but it’s been moving across time and space and to the edge of the solar system a lot, so be surprised if there’s a sudden 90 degree turn or full stop before jumping into hyperdrive.


After slowly phasing out the Society Suckers project some years ago, Karl Marx Stadt Disappeared further and further from the scene. But now he’s back! With a beautiful masterpiece of intricate detail to follow the hyper Karl Marx Stadt 1997- 2004 on Lux Nigra.

Twisting hundreds of sampled into the mix, A certain unheard sonic palette emerges setting the tone for a unique record, using every technique in his vast Arsenal of Sonic weapons, showing the youngsters some new tricks and the dj’s some twists and turns.

If you like to sit down at home listening to music and talking about how beautiful music can be, this is your soundtrack. A selection of boundary-breaking electronic music has been compiled from the vault to expose the yet unheard side of Karl Marx Stadt. We hope you find it just as enjoyable and amazing as we do.